Introduced to sewing and gardening at an early age,  Carolyn’s love of fabrics and natural environment has remained with her throughout her life and now finds voice in her textile art.

Carolyn lives and works in the beautiful south coast town of Berry and her art practice is inspired by the landscapes and places that are part of her day to day life … her garden, vistas along the path of her daily walk and places she visits in the local area.

She uses applique and reverse applique, by hand and machine, together with intense quilting to capture the essence of these natural elements in fabric.

Working in a series has allowed Carolyn to keep developing her ideas, designs and use of color with each piece.   LeafLinesis Carolyn’s main series with leaf shape as it’s underlying theme. Capturing the shapes, flowing lines, layers, patterns and textures in fabric and stitch brings into focus the beauty so often overlooked

In her most recent work, Carolyn is exclusively using the fabrics she dyes, prints and paints.