A Little Monoprinting!

Inspired by an exercise at drawing class,  I decided to get out my Gelliplate and do some printing. As in our drawing exercise I chose 4 shapes ... a jug, a pear, some leaves and a ribbon and made up a number of simple stencils.  I also added some corrugated cardboard for use as a texture plate.  I decided to use a limited color palette of blue and yellow and a dash of black ... here are some of the results .....

I was a little bit rusty at first .... getting a bit too much ink on the plate but soon got into the swing of it ..... I'm quite pleased with the results but this is just the first step .... I'm thinking about some stitching and contemplating the options for finishing them ... single pieces or a collage of a number of pieces .... I'll let you know how I get on! 

I'm definitely planning more printing in the near future!