New Artwork with Leaf Print


This new piece has been built around one of my recent maple leaf print pieces made with a Gelliplate .... lots of fun!!   

The print was used  as the background for the piece and the design developed by adding layers of shapes.

 I  love the patterns of light and layers created by the arrangement of maple leaves on the branches and look for ways of capturing them ....

                   'Golden Fall'              © CarolynCollins Art 2016

                   'Golden Fall'  

          © CarolynCollins Art 2016


This piece was inspired by a lovely golden elm, we walk past in the mornings.  It held its golden leaves well into winter ... such a lovely sight! 

After putting together the blocks of color and leaf shapes I was looking for a way to blend the layers and colors and found the answer in intense quilting with a variegated gold thread.  



        'Golden Fall'   12 " x  30"