Art Date .... well sort of!

I would love to see the David Hockney exhibition currently showing at the National Gallery of Victoria but sadly will not have the opportunity to travel to Melbourne before it closes and the NGV is the only venue in Australia! 

As a consolation, I visited the NGV website and was delighted with the video of David Hockney reviewing the exhibition when he visited for the opening.   Here is the link if you would like a taste......

I also purchased a copy of the catalogue which at A$29.95 seemed very reasonably priced. When I picked up the parcel from the PO I was surprised by its weight and even more so when I opened it and browsed through its many pages (over 1 inch thick)

With time to settle down and read and enjoy I am even a greater fan !!    Here are a couple of the things that really struck a chord with me .....

The series of 82 (yes 82) portraits included in this show.  Since taking LIsa Call's  'Working in a Series' class a couple of years ago I love this process and where it  can take you.  David Hockney's portrait series is unified by a number of parameters ... size. medium, subject seated on the same chair and the blue/green background blocks.   The pose and attire was determined by the sitter.  Edith Delvaney,  writing in the catalogue observes "Hockney shows no sign of his curiosity in this series and its possibilities diminishing".

I also fell in love with his Yosemite pieces,  capturing the light and atmosphere of this place beautifully, it makes me feel like I was back there.   The other element of these works, created on an ipad,  are the trees.  Hockney is quoted as saying ..."trees have a deep appeal ...." and I am drawn to the variety and forms of the trees depicted in the paintings and the wonderful color palette.  

While these works may have been created on an ipad they are clearly the result of first hand experience.   Simon Maidment, Curator of Contemporary Art the NGV writes " The success of translating these places is owed in no small part to the particular way the artist has chosen to experience them, dedicating time to landscapes, for looking and exploring as well as depicting."

For me,  David Hockney makes wonderful pictures and some day I hope to have the opportunity to see his work face-to-face ...... a real art date!!! 

Have you had an "art date"  recently?  What do you recommend?

Thanks for dropping by  ....CC