Does Size Matter?

This is a question that I have been contemplating recently…. when it comes to determining the size of my next piece of work, when considering the parameters of a new series or when pondering a ‘call for entry’ with specific size requirements…..

Jane Dunewold in her book ‘Creative Strength Training’ approaches this question from the perspective of the ‘wow factor” and concludes that there are two strategies …. ‘ work big or work obsessively’. Dunewold’s view is that working big can make a work more compelling and she says that ‘viewers are impressed by big work” , while work that falls into the category of ‘obsessive’ can also elicit a wow!

I recently saw a video interview with US textile artist Pat Pauly, whose work I have long admired. Seeing a series of her works hanging in a house, I realized how big most of her works are … and they definitely have the wow factor - a real presence and impact …

Much of my recent work has been relatively small and my approach to give them additional presence/impact has been to mount them on stretched canvas. So when I had the idea for a spin-off from my Grevillea Series I decided to try out a larger format.

This first piece in the Interlaced Series is approx 90 X 90cm, considerably larger that the Grevillea Series at 50 x 61cm . It worked well from a practical perspective … on the design wall and when stitching and has a good presence ‘on the wall’ so I’ve opted for a hanging sleeve and slat rather than a stretched canvas.

Would it be better if it was bigger still? I’ve yet to answer that question ….

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the question of size …..

Thanks for reading ……. CC