Trying Out Techniques?

I recently wrote a piece for the Ozquilt Network Newsletter about techniques and thought I would post and expanded version here….

There are a myriad of techniques available to textile artists and new techniques are so tempting and like many I am easily tempted.

I come from a background of traditional quilting so my underlying set of technique …. applique/collage, free motion quilting, fabric dyeing are well established skills and are the basis of all my work.

Over recent years I have explored quite a few additional techniques. These have included …. stitched shibori; natural dyeing and eco printing, gelliplate printing, digital printing, digital fabric design and fabric painting. All these techniques potentially have a role in creating a unique palette of fabric for my work and many have been incorporated into my work but only a few will become major players.

Technique Samples.jpg

I sometimes ask myself it the time spent exploring techniques is just a distraction … and perhaps at times it is … but I see it as a great investment in building a particular set of techniques that is unique to my art and also as a way of keeping an element of freshness in my work, trying new things and new ways of working.

So technique fit into my art practice in two ways. Firstly, by ‘working in a series’ I am able to limit the content/subject while having the freedom to explore different mixes of techniques. For example, my Grevillea series has used natural dyes and prints, freeform stitched shibori to create a new palette of fabric for these works.

Secondly, by incorporating some ‘cross training’ in my schedule I develop techniques learn’t in a regular drawing class that deepen my understanding of composition and design and which transfers to my textile art.

How does technique fit into your art practice?

Thanks for reading and taking an interest in my work … lots of new things to come in 2019! With best wishes CC