Yoga, Art and Other 'Delights'

I love my weekly yoga class with Samaya Studio Kiama … think I’m the oldest member of the class! The younger ones all wear very stylish leggings for class, so not to be left out I went looking for something I’d like to wear … but couldn’t find a thing! So a thought occurred to me …. ‘why not design my own’

I decided on joining Redbubble - a terrific Australian based site that makes it very easy to upload your own designs to a range of products and sell them.

I started with my first ‘Interlaced’ design on leggings and then moved on to play with a whole range of products … so much fun!

I ordered a pair of the leggings and a thow cushion with the Interlaced design, they took about a week to arrive and I was totally delighted with the quality of both the products.

Now I’ve been trying out some of my eco-prints and earlier grevillea and maple leaf designs to see how they work … using some digital design filters and trying different color combinations. I think this might get a little bit addictive!

I’ve ordered some more leggings … can’t have just one pair … and a tee shirt tonight !

Here’s the link to Redbubble and my products if you’d like to have a look ….

Thank you for reading and your interest in my art ….CC