Art Quilt Australia 2019

I’m sorry to have been absent from my blog for so long … life has been tough the last few months with the loss of my much loved husband and soulmate earlier in the year. The support of family and friends has been amazing and I’m picking up the pieces and getting back to my art practice….

I had some good news recently, my work, “Autumn Day on Victoria Street” has been selected as part of Art Quilt Australia 2019 and will be on show at the National Wool Museum in Geelong, Victoria (go the Cats!) from 6 September to 15 December 2019 ….

I also have a couple of new projects underway …..

The first is the outcome of a wonderful online workshop with Lisa Call …. “Finessing the 4th Dimension” . The workshop and the project both explore incorporating time in an artwork. This project is definitely pushing the boundaries for me in terms of the concept and the development of technique. The starting point was to photograph the changing patterns and colors of autumn in my garden as the season progressed. Here are some of the images I am working with ….

The second project involves developing my knowledge and experience with direct contact botanical prints (eco prints) with a specific focus on eucalyptus trees … I’m calling it the ‘BlueGum Project’ and I have had some pleasing results ….

There will be more to come shortly on both of these new projects.

Thanks for your patience and for your interest in my work ….CC