Autumn Day on Victoria Street

I just love Ozquilt Networks “personalised promos” for Art Quilt Australia 2019 …. these are prepared for each of the art quilts included in the exhibition - here is the one for Autumn Day ……


Thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little more about the work ….

The inspiration for this piece came from the amazing color of the autumn leaves on my persimmon tree in the late afternoon sun . I used the photo as the background for the label attached to the back of the quilt.

The collage background uses hand dyed cottons and silks and some natural (eco) prints from my stash. I often find that I need some additional colors or tones …. and this time I created some digital fabric prints to fill the gaps. I used a design based on an earlier art quilt design and modified in Photoshop Elements. This allows me to change the hue and saturation to fit the color combination I’m working with and has proved very useful technique.

With the background collage sorted, it was secured with a layer of stitching and then the overlay of grevillea leaves in batik were added. The applique leaf design is fused in place and a second layer of stitching follows, this time just at the edge of the applique. This helps to secure the applique and ensures the density of stitching is equally distributed across the work so it will hang flat against the wall. The final step is to add an acrylic finish to ensure the work is secure and protected.

Art Quilt Australia 2019 opens on 6 September at the National Wool Museum in Geelong and runs until 15 December. There are many amazing art works included in this exhibition …. if you are unable to see the 37 works that make up this exhibition in person you will be able to see a gallery of all the works at after the exhibition opening.

Thank you for reading and for your interest in my work CC