Fabric Paintings

Fabric paintings are textured original artworks created with fabric and stitching. The texture comes from intensely stitching layers of fabric and batting together. The fabrics I use are hand-dyed and sometimes painted or printed.

Hanging& Framing

Each of my fabric paintings are mounted on a stretched canvas making it ready and easy to hang,  as you would any paintings.  Do not hang your painting in direct sunlight.

If you decide you would like to frame your fabric painting, it can easily be detached from the stretched canvas without damage by clipping the thread line on the back of the canvas.  If framing under glass it is important that there is space between the glass and the fabric surface.  Close contact between the fabric and glass can result in moisture problems that can damage the work.

Care & Storage

Caring for your fabric painting is easy.  Use a lint roller or slightly damp soft cloth to remove any dust as required. 

If you need to store your fabric painting wrap it in acid free paper or calico and store in a cool, dry place.