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Autumn Leaf


Artist Statement

My interest lies in the shapes and patterns of the natural environment that occur in my immediate surrounds and my current practice explores the layers and arrangement of the leaves and flowers of plants that I observe on a daily basis.

This connection to the natural world and a long held desire to protect and preserve our  environment underpins my art and finds expression in the collection of windfall plant material, the use of natural dyes and  botanical contact and eco printing techniques.

I use a palette of hand dyed and printed silk, wool/silk, cotton and organza to create compositions which combine layers of fabric with hand and machine stitch.




Grevillea Gallery


Hand Dyed & Printed Fabric

I use hand dyed fabrics - cottons, linens, silks, wool/silks and silk organza. Where possible I use natural dyes made from plant materials including avocado seeds, eucalyptus leaves, marigold flowers, gardenia leaves which produce a lovely subtle palette of colors on silks and silk/wool mix fabrics. I use Procion MX to dye cotton fabrics.

A range of surface design techniques form part of my art practice including the use of stitched shibori, monoprinting, direct printing and direct botanical prints or eco printing techniques.

Eco Printing

Eco printing is a technique researched and developed by India Flint.  In this process colour is transferred directly from plant material onto fabric or paper.  Plant material is layered with fabric, bundled tightly and then steamed or simmered.  The results will vary with the  plant material, the season, the use of mordant, the time allowed to cure  ...but magical colours and patterns can be achieved.

 Reference:  India Flint,  ‘Eco Colour—botanical dyes for beautiful textiles’  Murdoch Books 2008


Leaf Series