Lloyd Rees 'Painting with Pencil' Exhibition

I went to see an exhibition by Australian Artist  Lloyd Rees ...."Painting with Pencil  1930 - 1936" at the Museum of Sydney, last week.   As a beginning student of drawing I found it breathtaking! 

Some 90 works ... pencil drawings and sketches from public and private collections were on display.  I couldn't resist buying the exhibition book .....

Lloyd Rees Exhibitionw_edited-1.jpg

with the thought of studying the drawings more closely.

I loved two things about this exhibition .....

Lloyd Rees description of how he worked ......." I always used only one grade of pencil on each drawing , either 2B or 3B.  I would begin by sharpening to very fine point and putting in my first basic edges and then hold the pencil parallel to the paper to get granulated tonalities to build up the form." 

and .....  the way he captures the quiet and timeless beauty of Sydney and surrounds ... places I know well.

Drawing was for Lloyd Rees a lifetime companion ... a true inspiration.